Awakened . . .

I slowly drifted to sleep, tired from the recent battle with the shadows.  It seemed like hours went by, dreaming of endless killings.  Killings I'd comited.  Pulling the trigger hundreds of times.

Then I was awakened.  I knew the sound anywhere.  A gun shot.

I stood up, everyone else still sleeping or standing around, besides mischa.  He knew enough to here that sound too, although it must have been at least a mile off.

"Did you here that?"  He asked, standing still listened for another sound.

I nodded.

suddenly a bullet flew past me, and through my ear, cutting a hole through my ear lobe.  I ducked down, just below the window, which was where the bullet had come from.  Just at that second, at least twenty armed men burst through every entrance of the kitchen sorounding us all, and more men from outside the hideout. 

Everyone froze.

"Everybody stay down and nobody gets hurt!!!" One of the men yelled.  "Where is Nathan Payne?!  We have a warrent for arrest, and unless he comes up, everyone dies!"

I slowly stood up, and put the hands on the back of my head.  Suddenly Flamera jumped up, and sent a lazer ray of molten/fire directly at the men, who didn't even flinch.  They had some kind of armor around them, and the fire deflected directly off of them, bouncing around the room.

In the mists of all this, I grabbed my gun, ready for action.  These men were the men I'd used to work for.  And I knew too much.  They had to kill me, unless I had something to say about it. . . .

The End

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