Rest at Last

Lying beside Flamara, Ara's pounding heart slowed to a more relaxed pace and his breathing finally returned to normal. The scratches, scrapes, bruises and other minor pains were still twinging, but they'd heal in time.

Provided nothing else happened of course. As far as Ara could sense, there didn't appear to be anything that was a threat here yet. Hopefully things would be calmer now after a major battle with the appliances and then what could only be described as a full-blown battle with the Shadows. Even the thought of them still made the Halfborn shudder.

Aarn and Lucy however were another matter altogether. He'd have to talk to them at some point, find out what happened to them and deduce how they had got here.

And apologize for what he had done.

Ara whimpered slightly, feeling daunted at the prospect. Flamara squeezed his shoulder gently, but he didn't relax. This would be difficult for all of them to talk through. Especially as the others hadn't transformed. They'd died.

Ara shook his head slightly, no, that could wait. Right now all he wanted was a rest and a chance to get some sleep. He'd sort out the rest of this mess tomorrow.

With that, the Halfborn let out a low huff and closed his eyes, catching a glance of Sealantus leaning over Leigh in the corner.

So Fish Face has a lady friend? How ironic.

Snickering slightly at Sealantus' alarmed expression, Ara fell asleep with a slight grin tugging at his lips.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all.

The End

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