From Tears to Sleep

Leigh heard Corby scream. Then silence. Her vision was blurred with tears. Everyone seemed to be crowding back into the kitchen, back into the little hideout to sleep. It was hard to see through her tears, but Corby was there. That was good.

Geoff seemed to have disappeared though. She wasn’t sure what happened to him. Leigh closed her eyes again and wiped them on her sleeves. Crying wasn’t doing her any good, but she didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t sure what she could do, or why she was here.

Tears run dry Leigh laid her head back down on her knees. A gentle hand lifted her chin up. Leigh found herself looking up at Flamara’s brother.

“Why do you cry?” he asked softly, “We won, you should rejoice.”

Leigh had no answer for that; at least not one easily explained. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to explain it. Why should she burden someone with her issues? She needed to fix them herself. So she just shook her head and placed her chin on her knees.

Sealantus sat down next to her. “Come now, it can not be that bad, can it?”

Leigh shook her head again; more because she was falling asleep than anything else. Even the Radio, blaring some song about forbidden love, couldn’t keep her from nodding off. She’d be better when she woke up. She normally was after a good cry. It was just the fact that she’d broken down here, among others, that made Leigh the most reluctant to talk. Maybe Geoff could explain it to him, where ever Geoff went to.

The End

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