Smiles All Round

I ran to the kitchen, and saw Ara leaning back on the wall. He looked over, and smiled weakly. I ran to him. I didn't fling myself on him, in case I hurt him. He had cuts all over his face and neck. I kissed every single one. Being seperated from him made me apreciate him there all the more. Then, I felt love in my heart. It was not my own.  And I think I knew whose it was...

I looked up and smiled at Ara. His tired orange eyes looked down on me. We both slid down to the floor. I puled him to me. He was exausted, I could tell. He laid his head down on my knee, and  I leaned over him. He listened to my heartbeat. I sat up strait. Somewhere in the house, was one more Shadow. Just one. It was waek, and could do nothing against us. It had hidden away. I pulled Ara gently over to the cupboard where a few were sleeping or leaning. I laid Ara down, and huddled up next to him.  Everyone who was there had smiles on their faces. Then...*shuffle, shuffle BANG!* ...the Radio appeared. It looked rather battered.

I looked over at Sealantus. He was sat in the corner, whispering something to Leigh. Then, at full volume, the Radio went over to them, and started to play 'Forbidden Love'. I rolled my eyes, and went to sleep.

The End

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