The Trapped Dove

I heard what Corby said in my head. She had frozen us, so that she could go Jahat. Ara looked around. All the Shadows were leaving. I wrapped my arms round my brother and my love. "Corby..." I whispered. A scream echoed through the house. She hadn't gone yet. Just about to. I turned into a large eagle, with wings as large as Ara, and flew to the front door. I saw Corby look up, a tear dripping down as she looked at me. I landed on her shoulder as a dove.

Jahat looked at me. Suddenly, his hands whipped out, and grabbed round my tiny body. The door slammed shut, and Jahat ran to a corner, putting a strong field round just me and him. It was so strong, that I couldn't get out. I transformed back to human, and pressed a hand onto the side of the bubble. The bubble shaped around my hand, and I touched Corby's cheek. I kissed her forehead, and pushed her towards the kitchen. I felt hands wrap around my waist, and pull me back. I let the hands take me, and Jahat pulled me into his lap, and just sat there. He thought my friends would come for me.

The hands caressed my hair and cheeks.They wrapped all round me. I sighed sadly, and laid my head against Jahat's chest. I would survive. All those thoughts of Ara, Sealantus, Geoff, Misha, Nathen, Jyll, Leigh, Elric, Ivory, Aarn and Lucy would keep me strong.  I would see them again. I knew it.

I realized something. Jahat was dead. He had been killed by Nathen...or had he? This Shadow wasn't Jahat. He didn't have the same kindness towards me. All this Shadow had was a lust for power. "I am not Jahat. I overtook him when your friend killed him. I am Nafsu." He told me. I felt anger grip me for no reason. I bit Nafsu's fingers as he tried to touch my face. He swore in an unknown language, and I managed to escape the bubble, gasping. I ran back to the Crystal Room, which was scattered with dead Shadows. I cleaned them all away, and sent out a telepathic message to all my friends.

"I have the Crystal Room. Come quickly."

The End

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