Just a scream, that's all it needed

Corby stood in the kitchen, watching the commotion, but then suddenly, she let all of time stop. She stared around at the fire, and the screams and the blood...the blood. Nothing was working. Flamara couldn't bite every single shadow here, she would die from loss of blood, it would all be gone by the time she finished. 

She slowly walked over to Ara, a frozen determined expression on his face. He was screaming at a shadow, a gun in his hand at the shadows chest. Corby placed a piece of his hair behind his ear, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"I wish you would all stop..." Corby whispered to herself. She opened the closet to see many frozen people huddled inside, shock upon their fragile faces, then she closed it, and walked over to Flamara, "Don't," she whispered, strolking her face. 

She then walked out of the kitchen, and up the stairs to the crystal room where the frozen king was waiting for her. Ivory and Thor stood infront of them strong. Corby clicked her fingers, and time started again.

"Corby how did you get here?-" Nathan asked.

"Go Nathan." Corby ordered.


"Please." she whispered. He nodded and walked out with Ivory.

The king stared at Corby, "Corby you can go, we only want Flamara," The king hissed, smiling evily.

"Over my dead body." Corby replied, glaring. He stood up from his throne and sighed.

"Well, we had an incident before, you nearly died. It could happen again if you want?" He smiled and Corby stayed quite, he walked over, strolking her cheek. She shook away. "So small and defensless...yet so powerful you are..." The King whispered to himself.

"Okay. I'll do one thing. But you must promise me this." Corby asked uneasily, turning and looking at the door, tears in her eyes then turning back to the King.

"Anthing little one," He grinned.

"You can have me. You can take me away, use me, do what you like to me. But in order to do that, you must leave this house, leave these people alone and never come back again. Do you understand?" Corby asked and he strolked his chin.

"Of course, your powers should be very usefull to us." He smiled and chuckled.

"Is that a deal?" Corby whispered uneasily.

"A deal Corby Dreamer. No goodbyes, you must come with us now." The King placed his hand on her back and pushed her gently out of the room, all of the shadows following.

They got to the front door of the house and she turned to face him.

Letting out and ear-bleeding scream to tell everyone she was going, she turned around, and let the shadow King, slowly open the door. No promises, no goodbyes, no nothing. Just a scream, that's all it needed.

The End

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