I waited for Nathen to give me his answer, the I heard a fierce battle cry. I smiled. "Thats my Ara." I smiled. I touched Nathen's head, then transformed into  a lioness, and ran to the kitchen, striking any Shadow that came in my way.

I saw Sealantus running down the stairs towards me as a tiger. I grinned as much as a lioness can, then we ran into the kitchen to back up Ara. We transformed back into human form, and shouted to other across the room, while fighting.

"Hey, would you be nice to Ara, by the way? He's the one who rescues everyone round here. He's saved me a few times. And I love him." I shouted across the room. Sealantus froze, while skewering a Shadow. He nodded. He looked up. From on top of the fridge, a Shadow was about to lunge onto Ara's back. Sealantus came back to back with Ara, and killed the Shadow. I grinned, and grabbed a Shadow. I bit it, and threw the flaming remains at other Shadows. I punched the air. "Strike!" I wooped. I heard giggles as some of the Shadows ran for their lives.

The End

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