I shot up so quickly I literaly jumped of the ground, and got into a standing position.  I felt energiezed, like really energized.  and this was saying alot for me, i was always energizd.  I'd once ran five miles in a row under 4 minutes 30 seconds.  and right now that seemed like childs play.  but I felt funny, like I was linked.  I staird at Ivory and Flamera.  but as i looked into flamera's eyes, it seemed ... well ... like we were Linked.  I tried once as hard as i could, and suddenly saw myself, looking through her eyes.

She looked back at me in the same funny way.  If I tried, i couldn't really read her mind, like in words, but in emotions.  she felt just as amazed as I was.

But oh great, this was the perfect person to be linked too.  I looked at her, angrily, but questioningly.

Master Master!  she bit you and put her blood into you.  well, her blood and some shadow blood ...  Ivory suddenly told me.

WHAT? I asked.

As weird as it sounds ...

I stared down at my hand, and when I look at the end of my fingertipe, i squeezed it, and instead of my hand turning red at the end, and then purple from no blood sirculation, it turned black, pitch black, and stayed like that until i let it go.

I looked back up at Flamera, a sorry emotion in her head.

The End

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