I Hope This Works....

I ran into the Crystal Room, and saw Ivory near the thrones, which were both empty. I ran over, and saw Nathen sprawled on the floor.  I  poured the Shadow blood on the cuts.  I dripped some in his mouth, but he didn't swallow. "We need to get it down his throat, but we'll need to force it. He's not swallowing. How will we get it in him?" I asked frantically. I picked up Nathen's head, and laid my face near him. I felt his warm breath come faintly onto my cheek.

"How did you get here?" asked Ivory. I told her how I had bit into the necks of the Shadows. Ivory cocked her head curiously, deep in thought. "I wonder..that if you don't drink blood, but make it flow in..." She started. I realized what she was saying. I sighed.

"Nathen, and everyone else, please forgive me." I whispered. I lowered my head to his neck, and bit as gently as I could. I poured some Shadow blood into my mouth, then pressed it against his neck. I my mouth, Nathen's blood and the Shadow blood mixed. I repeated this until all the vial was gone. I tasted my friend's blood. " Turning into a vampire, are we? " asked Ivory. I shook my head, and sunk my teeth into my hand, and sucked my own blood. I made it flow into Nathen's neck, along with the last drop of Shadow blood.

"I hope this works..." I sighed. I stayed there, holding Nathen's body to me. I rocked gently back and forth, watching Ivory looked at my hand, dabbed all over with my own blood. I healed Nathen's neck, then thought of all the other, wondering how they would react if I told them I sunk my teeth into Nathen's neck. Nathen probably already knew what I had done, even while he was unconsious


The End

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