Hungry For Shadow Blood?

As I sat with Elric, I heard a scream of pain. Ivory went running out of our hiding place. I looked at where I had seen myself oozing  with black blood. A drop was on my arm.  I sniffed it. No scent. I licked it. It tasted fiery. I pulled away the bright flame bandage, and began to drink the black blood out of the cut. Soon, only my own blood ran through my veins. I smiled to myself. I kissed Elric, Leigh, Jyll, Aarn and Lucy on their foreheads, and stepped out. I ran into the hall. The Radio was playing a funny music, which fit what it was doing.

It was jumping up and down on as many Shadow's feet as possible. A shadow lunged at me. I grabbed it, and bit into it's shoulder. Fire sparked from my mouth, and burned the Shadow. One bite. That's all it took. I saw Ara taking on a large Shadow. I ran, and jumped, biting into it's neck. I took my mouth away, and made the Shadow grow. It turned bright orange, and sat me on it's shoulder. We began to make our way to the Crystal Room, with Mungo (the giant fire/Shadow thing I was sitting on) crushing as many Shadows as he could, while I regained my strength. Shadow blood seemed to give you strength. I filled a vial with Shadow blood, then ran the rest of the way while Mungo fought th Shadows.

The End

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