Not Really a Plan ...

You need to come up with a plan!  Ivory had said, and really I came up blank.

But I did have an idea, sort of.  As everyone got into hiding spots, I grabbed my vest, and walked through the door.  I slowly walked down the hall, moving forward and holding the trigger down to the machine gun, fire bullets flying.

I made it to the cristal room, and walked in.  the King shadow was sitting in the thrown, talking to some other apprentice shadow next to him.  I grabbed my knife, and in pure anger, lunged at him, and swiped at him once.  But i hit nothing solid, it was like swipping at air.  then the shadow looked at me, and i swipped again, this time i felt something.  the shadows heart.

The red eyed king stared at me in disbeleaf, and I stabbed my knife into the heart, the shadow evaporating.

Suddenly a pain fell over me, i couldn't beleive it, it was just  as if my lungs were being pulled out of my rib cage.  I fell over, and screamed, screamed so loud I knew that everyone else could here it.  then i think i realized it, whatever I had done to the king shadow would happen to me.  I only knew, because i started caughing blood, and it felt JUST as if i had been stabbed. 

The other shadows started pouring over me, and really, i didn't care, i had no life.  the person I could probably only be related too the most, was Corby, because of my childhood days, burdened with things i don't dare speak.  But corby hated me, I couldn't even speak to her.  everyone else, was too, too normal.  i didn't know them.  they were the type of people i was always sent to kill, the type i envied.  now, I was going to die, and hopefully I helped them defeat the shadows, i owed them at least that much.

MASTER!!  I suddenly heard, as everything became black.

The End

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