Shadow Blood

I looked over at Elric. Corby had told me about his bodyguard as someone glared at him. I stepped over to Elric, and placed a hand on his shoulder. He flinched, but didn't move away. "I guess he trusts me trusts a bit." I thought. I stepped in front of him, and touched his temples, and closed my eyes. Images of a man filled my head. Of a tire with a shot hole through it. Elric running through the night, getting away from shots of a gun. I opened my eyes, and felt a spark in my eye.

I wrapped my arms round Elric. He was cold, and shaking. I stroked his hair, and whispered in his ear, "I'm so sorry about Simmons. I read your recent memories. The ones that haunt you. No one in this house is a illusion, and we have a problem. Someone has been taken, by creatures called the Shadows." I explained to him. He seemed to realize I was real. His small hands wrapped around me. I smiled. I saw a tear in him eye.

I smiled at him, and he gave a grimace. Everyone sat down, apart from Geoff, who paced round the room. I began to sing. A few people fell to sleep, and other concocter plans, as Leigh and Ivory ran through the door.

"The Shadows are coming!" I thought. I ran to a cupboard, and thought, "I need to be able to hide some people." I placed a piece of ribbon into the tin, and opened the cupboard. Inside was large and hollow. The bottom was padded with blankets, and a couple of pillows. A tiny fridge was inside. I lifted Jyll into it, then as I turned, I slit my hand open on a piece of mug. I looked at my hand in horror. Black fire was oozing out. I wrapped normal fire round it, and my blood went back to normal. I pulled Elric into the cupboard, and shouted to the others. Leigh, Aarn, Lucy and Ivory dove in, but the rest stood, waiting for the Shadows to come. Ara knelt by the cupboard.

"Don't worry about us. We're tough.  And  I always have your fire power to back me up!" He told me. He kissed my lips, then closed the cupboard. I crept over to Elric, and Elric stared at me. I explained about me loving Ara. Everyone in the cupboard huddled in th corner, and Ivory snuck behind Elric and I. Everyone curled or twisted themselves to touch either Ivory or me.

Black blood. I had a little tiny bit of black blood. Blood that would tell me anything that Shadows said. I had Shadow Blood.

The End

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