As one of the figures in the room stood, the one with the fire, they sighed. Elric was just hoping someone would find him, anyone. If things were this vivid... Well, it's easy to say that the comma idea was seeming more and more like the likely answer.

"Guys and girls, come on! We can't just sit here! We need to act now, " the woman spoke. Something about her tone made him think. He's subconsciously projecting these people. Perhaps, if he helps, they'll go away? Great, what will I think of next, eating my shoe will end world hunger? He sighed. Though, I guess it can't really hurt.

Concentrating then on all he knew so far, he closed his eyes and started biting on the inside of his cheek. That girl said we were all stuck here. Maybe they want out as much as I do? But then, how do we get out? I need more information. On everything.

He stood up then, straightening his wrinkled shirt to little avail, looking for the one person that had told him anything thus far.

And he did find her. But not how he expected. She brought him out a cup of something hot, steam rising from it. He accepted it happily, as he was slightly chilly when he thought about it. She was about to leave when he asked her "Do you know anything else about this place?"

The End

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