More Questions

"Please, I won't say anything, I haven't seen you!" The boy looks about 18, he doesn't even have a hair on his face.

"You will tell them if they ask, just as soon as we leave. It looks like you'll be joining your comrades on the other side soon." A pair of bolt cutters swing in from behind, striking him hard. He falls, and begins to crawl away, terrified, as I raise my Makarov level and fire three-

Flamara woke me up just in time. I was shaking, tears in my eyes, nearly choking as I breathed. I hated that dream more than anything; it plagued me so often as the years went by, waking me up in the dead of night with tears in my eyes, screaming 'No, don't do it!' I took a pull from a rusted black flask, making sure the others didn't see.

It seemed that Flamara's brother had returned as well, he looked... different than I remembered, something wasn't right with him. But already I could see that he and Ara would be at each other's throats; I would need to keep an eye on them, making sure they didn't discretely kill one another. 

A few minutes later Corby brought me some hot cocoa, and as I sipped it I realized that things were actually quiet. That strange whispering was gone, the sounds of the shadows moving in the passages was gone. I grabbed Corby by the wrist, woundering what I might have missed while I slept.

"What's happening?! Where are the shadows?! Why are we safe?!" I asked.

"Let's just say I'm taking care of it." She replied, showing me a scar on her arm.

What was she doing? Where had the scar come from? Did she need my help?




The End

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