The Three Musketeers and the Extra Corby

Corby stood in the kitchen, her hands wrapped around a mug of cocoa, for the others who were in the kitchen she all gave them some cocoa and tea next to wear they were sleeping, then walked into the livingroom that was lit with a warm fire to see Flamara standing in the middle of Ara nand Seleantus. Corby gasped and dropped the tray of filled mugs. Everyone quickly turned to look at her, even the people asleep snapped up their heads and shifted their gaze up to her face.

She blushed and put her hands over her mouth, "I'm sorry!" She admitted. Everyone continued to stare. Slowly, after staring at the staring, Corby knelt down and began to pick up the smashed mugs of tea and cocoa that was spilt on the floor. A voice sighed and a pale hand picked up a green smashed mug.

"I could've done with a cup of tea," Misha chuckled as Corby looked up at him and smiled apoligeticley, then Leigh and Geoff walked over and began to help.

"Thanks," Corby began to light up at the fact her friends were helping her, "It's the three musketeers and the extra Corby," they all laughed.

"The four musketeers Corby," Leigh smiled at her as they had finally put everything on the tray and stood up.

"Don't worry, I'll get more, and...thank you. I've been ignoring you because things have been a little hectic and I'm sorry. I promise to be good from now on." Corby apoligised and they all smiled and nodded.

She began to walk back into the kitchen and the others walked back to their seats but a hand grabbed Corby's wrist and pulled her around a corner. Misha's hand.

"What's happening?! Where are the shadows?! Why are we safe?" Misha asked in a hushed tone but still very jumpy.

"Let's just say...I'm taking care of it." Corby lifted her small arm, showing Misha a purple/pink scar on it, then grinned.

The End

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