Welcome Back... Not.

So the Fish has returned? Oh joy, just when I thought the Shadows were bad enough now I have Calamari Face trying to murder me at the same time.

Ara pinned his ears back and snarled evilly, clearly showing how impressed he was at Sealantus' return. Sealantus glared back at him, neither backing down.

~Welcome back Jellyfish. I was hoping the Shadows had finished you off.~ thought-snapped Ara.

~I could say the same to you Mongrel. And keep your claws off my sister, or I'll trim them for you.~  replied Sealantus.

~You'd be dead before you got close enough. I'd kebab your slimy butt before you were within meters of me.~

~Well if you're so tough why haven't you dealt with those Shadows yet? I'm sure with your skills they should all be dust by now? Or is our mighty warrior having problems with a few itty bitty monsters?~

~I could ask the same of you my lord. Why don't you just crawl back down the bog hole you came from and leave the rest of us alone.~

~Why don't you go wash your mouth out with soap you mangy animal!~

~Eel Bait!~

~Horse dung!~

As the two shot insults back and forth at each other, one could almost have seen the sparks flying. Eventually Flamara stepped between them, glaring at both of them in turn. They backed off, Ara sloping off to a far corner, muttering murderously under his breath.

Fish boy will pay for that.


The End

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