Return Of The King. (Not Lord of the Rings)

I looked around. Ivory was in the living room, apparently asleep. Misha was huddled under his coat. Ara and Nathen were concocting a plan in the corner, and everyone else just looked sorry for themselves. I sighed, and stood. Some turned to face me.

"Guys and girls, come on! We can't just sit here! We need to act now, before Jahat comes after me again. We need to know why they want me, because now, I'm not the only one who could use my powers. I...passed half of my strength to someone else." I told them frowning. Everyone looked at me, then raised an eyebrow at Ara. I began to think. A heavy knock came on the door. Everyone froze. Ara pressed himself against the door. He pulled away, looking astonished. He stabbed his horn through the door, and looked out. Now everyone looked.

"Let me in...fair Flamara, let me in..." a musical voice drifted round the room. I blocked up the hole. I looked into the living room. Ivory was asleep (?) and Misha was still huddled up. He shook. I went over to him, and knelt by him. I placed my hand on his shoulder. His eyes flicked open, then he breathed out, and relaxed. I checked everyone was alright, then went back to the door. Aarn and Lucy stood near Ara. I opened the hole, and looked out. A sharp blue eye looked back. I made a rope of fire go out the hole. A rope of water came back. I gasped, and threw open the door. I launched myself into Sealantus's arms. I pulled him in, and closed the door. Ivory came staggering through, unsteady on her paws, and growled at Sealantus. He chuckled.

I looked him up and down, then stared at him in horror. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt, black trousers, and his hair had grown long and wild. His crown of amenomes were still there. He had a blue serpent tied around his neck, along with a red phoenix. "The Shadows tried to change you. But they couldn't. So they locked you away. Bearing the clothing and colour of the Shadows." I whispered.

"Yeah, but I'm the same old me. They tried to change that thing with no arms, but they couldn't because the King wouldn't let them, so they questioned her on you, then threw it in a furnace." He told me. I shuddered. Ara walked over, and wrapped an arm round me. He growled at the same time Sealantus let a rumble out of his throat.

"Uh-oh. Ara's not impressed that my brother's back." I thought to myself. Somewhere in the kitchen, The Radio started to play 'We're In Trouble' from the movie 'St. Trinians'. I rolled my eyes.

The End

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