It was good to see everyone getting some rest, myself included. Nathan and Ara seemed to be concocting some plan or another, and there seemed to be a new child here, he seemed rich. Red would have like to have kidnapped him for a ransom, she was never the most 'motherly' type.

I found some wood next to the back door in the servant's staircase and brought it over to old iron woodstove in the kitchen; it was getting cold in here, and it would be the last thing we needed if someone caught a chill. 

I walked to the back door again and, lighting a cigarette, I stared out through the dirty window. The rain hadn't let up yet, and that only made the woods on the edge of the house's clearing seemed even more black and unwelcoming, they almost reminded me of the mountain forests back home.

That sort of thinking would only make me home sick, so I curled up beside the stove, pulling my greatcoat over top of me. But I still couldn't sleep, I missed home too much.

While I liked the people here I needed to get home, I hoped Author would sober up long enough to write me into a story. I wanted to get back to the mountains, I wanted to see my wife and my comrades again.

The End

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