Organisation: 4

Nathen Payne:  A male Assian who is currenty in the kitchen next to Ara.

Ara: A male Warrior who is Currently next to Nathen making a plan.

Flamira: A Fire goddes who is next to Ivory, also in the kitchen.

Ivory: A female white tiger, who is in the kitchen hissing away.

Jyll: A female who is part shadow, Is in the kitchen.

Corby: A female who is talking with her author,in the kitchen.

Elric: A male who has just enterd into the hidout/kitchen, is also thinking that he is seeing things.

Leigh: A bicker chick who is at the kitchen thinking about leaving and having a pet for a friend.

Geoff: A male pixie who is in the kitchen with the others.

The radio: Is a living radio who has grown a liking to the others.

Misha: Used to be a male smuggler and is currentlly with Ara and Nathen.

The new one: Not quite sure gender, is in the kitchen.

King of shadows: Is in the cyrestal room waiting for Flamira to come back and be his queen.

Shadows: Is also in the cystal room. 

The End

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