A new day of power

I waited untill everybody got there rest and got up off me. Some chose to lay a little longer on me then others but they all finnally got off.

I thought about how we all got our powers that are distinct depending on the pearson. Ara had a warrior like body that was dependable. Flamira is her name. Jyll can sense a little of the shadow world ever sience a hand full of her hair was tured shadow.

Then i thought of me. A big tiger that could comunicate with certain people. But that was my only ability! I thought about trying to reach out to people but almost anyone can do that, so i decied to exersize.

I started out with my usaul streches then with the help of Flamira, made a track to run in place. I ran with beyond normal speed then when some were whaching. In a few seconds i felt a bit mad and felt like taring something to pieces.

All i remeberd was someone was unfortunatly close to me and a attacked them, but because of the small amount of sanity left in me i ran myself into a wall to cause no damage to anyone, but the now bloody wall.

When i grew concious i was sore and unhappy. I sensed people trying to talk to me but i ignored what i could and hissed at everyone in the room to say stop talking. But insted everyone jumped out of the way as strong wind came out of my mouth and i scared myself. Would you like to use me as a pillow again?

The End

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