Corby stared at everyone in the kitchen as they slept and whispered to each other, she took a look at the clock in the kitchen. 4:00am.

Corby what are you doing up. What are you even doing here?!  Her author asked her mind.

I can't sleep. And I can't leave seeing as new people have arrived. Corby replied, stirring her warm cup of cocoa on the kitchen counter.

You mean you can't leave seeing as Elric has arrived. Her author taunted.

No...maybe...yes. Corby sighed.

I don't know why you like him so much Corby, It isn't safe here, I want you to go. 

Well I'm not going. No I am I'm just...I can't.  This is hopeless.

If the only reason you're staying is because you want to be friends with Elric it's not worth it. Go back to Leigh or Misha or Geoff, they're friends. You're too young to be in a relationship Corby I won't allow it. The voice threatened.

What are you, my father? I've had enough. I'm staying until my friends leave. That's final. Corby paused. I think.


The End

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