The White Beauty and The Dream

I woke when people were trying to get the remains of the bowl out of Ivory's mouth. I helped get a chunk out. She fell asleep after that. Everybody else went back to sleep. Elric stayed awake, stroking his pendant with a finger. I took hold of his hand. He jerked. "Trust me." I whispered. He relax slightly. I used his hand to rub the pendant, and point his fingers out. They glowed red, and a bird swooped round the room then disappeared.  Elric  stared  at me.  I  smiled  softly. 

"I'm Flamara, by the way. We are not hallunations. And there is a creature here that will harm you. I was kidnapped by their king, Jahat." I explained about the Shadows, and what they could do to him. Elric was almost asleep. I carried him over to a chair, and wrapped a blanket round him.

When Ivory awoke, I was in awe. She had silvery streaks in her fur, silver eyes, and pure white fur. I smiled at her and asked how her throat was.I laid out a bowl of water for her, and watched her lap it up. No one but me was sat with Ivory now.I stroked her, kissed her and praised her for coming to my rescue. She purred loudly.She enjoyed the fuss. She fell to sleep, and the whole house was still. For now.

"I'm coming back, my beautiful sister. I was taken by the Shadows so I wouldn't get in their way. I've got free, and now I'm coming, fair Flamara." whispered a familiar voice in my head. I awoke with a start, breathing heavily. Ara came over to me. "What wrong?" he whispered. The name stuck like a stone in my throat.



The End

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