I looked at the new girl who suprissinglly didn't like me! I mean after being the local pillow i think i deseverd some respect, even if i liked being the pillow.

Then when i saw how she summoned chicken and noodles... I think i went a bit crazy and ate the the hole boul, but still had the sanity to avoid the fork.

Yumm, I thought after i tasted the chicken but then rememberd the boul and a piece got caught in my throut. Master got the idea and wrote down "please don't feed her any more!" Before running over to me and to start to remove the boul with my dinner in inside.

He got the big part of the boul, that now didn't fill the description boul, anymore. However there was still a piece of clay in my throut.

When he did all that the others woke up and helped, only a really small piece was still there and master finnally got it out. In the process i fell asleep.

I awoke with a very sore throut and i caufed up blood. When i got done gagging i noticed everyone but Flamira, who where arigenally sleeping on, back asleep.

Flamira, with here special abillaty finnally got in my head and asked if i was alright. I told her i was fine and she laid out a boul with water. In the mean time i could tell master wanted to futher help but had to disscuse stuff with Ara, the friend of Flamira, in my words Fire-but-nice-lady! 

The End

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