Personal Truth

Elric couldn't help crack a smile. He'd lost it. Completely lost it. He was seeing things, hearing things, heck he could even smell... whatever that thing was in the corner with the horn. He'd just decided to sit quietly and wait for someone to find him. But the fact that his delusions were now asking him questions was almost more then he could take.

But, he figured he might as well answer her. After all, if he was imagining her, ignoring her would be on the same level as ignoring himself. And hallucinations rarely came on without reason. Maybe he just needed to chat with them and he'd come to some kind of personal truth? Yeah, he thought sarcastically. Now that's likely.

"Sorry, not a clue. I keep hallucinating though. Probably some kind of poisonous gas in here. I may have even been shot outside, I could be in a comma. Who really knows?" he spoke, more to himself then any person in the room. "But if you've got anything you'd like to say to me, " he continued once he realized that she was still there and had yet to vanish or change form, "Now's as good a time as ever."

The End

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