Meeting Elric

We ran back to the kitchen swiftly, and stopped. Ara stalked round the kitchen growling about Jahat getting too close to me, Ivory was curled around a sleeping Jyll, and Nathen had collapsed into a chair. Corby came back in, and hugged me. I smiled. I felt my senses tingle. Someone who we didn't know was here. I changed myself to their age, then crept round to see who it was.

He was a human. He was looking around, probably looking for the disappearing Corby. He spied me, and turned his head. I peeked round the corner quite shyly. With age changes, same came slight personal changes. I felt shy. I came out and saw him.

"He has a good heart and soul." I thought to myself. I stepped forwards. He stayed frozen, staring at me. I made a phoenix pendant appear behind my back; I didn't want to alarm him. I stepped forward, and tied the phoenix round his neck, and kissed his forehead. He blushed slightly. I giggled, and took his hand. I pulled him into the kitchen. I changed back into my normal form. He seemed the most alarmed by Ara, still stalking round the kitchen.

I whispered to him. "Don't be scared of Ara. He's a big pussy cat, really." The boy grinned at me,and Ara stopped stalking. He came up behind me, and turned me round. "I heard that." he chuckled. He kissed my forehead, and continued to walk round the kitchen.  I rolled my eyes.  I sat on th floor  by the now huge Ivory,  and sat next to Jyll. I covered her with a blanket, and beckoned to Elric. He sat beside me. He stroked Ivory's soft fur, but was wary of her. I mean, who wouldn't be if you were a normal human sat with a white tiger. I slid down, and nuzzled into the soft fur.  I fell to sleep.

The End

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