Into The Room

He blinked once. Twice. He took a slight step forward. Obviously the girl must be crazy... I mean, an author? What does that even mean? He just needed to find the back door. And... And... Simmons wasn't dead. He couldn't be. He just... He's taken up a tactical position. Yes, that's it. Surely the bullheaded man was trying to find their attacker as he stood there, looking off in the distance. Looking for a girl who had vanished into thin air.

I must be crazy. he sighed. I'm crazy, and I'm imagining crazy people. Those long nights of planning must have had their toll on me. But, he thought, she seemed so real.

He pushed those thoughts away, and the true Elric returned. If I did imagine her, that makes sense. She told me I had been abandoned, was trapped, and that someone I know had been killed. It must have merely been a manifestation of my fears.

Confidant in this, or at least confidant that he needed to be confident in it, he strode into the hall, heading first off to the right. It seemed to be a hallway that stretched on for quite some time. However, the turn to the left was just as lengthy.

He continued, hushed voices seeming to follow him, until he reached a door with strange symbols he had never seen before. And being the curious person he was, he entered.


The End

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