The moment the lead Shadow pulled Flamara close, Ara let out a threatening snarl:

"Try anything like that and I'll tear your lungs out of your ribcage."

The King looked at him, hate blazing in his eyes, his thoughts clearly telling Ara to shut his mouth and back off. Ara glared back stubbornly, the hairs on the back of his neck beginning to rise. Nathen grabbed one shoulder in an attempt to stop him doing anything rash. Ara stiffened, but didn't brush him off.

If that foul, stink-ridden monster thinks he's doing anything like that then he's got another thing coming. If he so much as looks at her like that again I'll..

Ara's angry thoughts trailed off into a swirling mass of hatred. He flexed his wings demonstratively and scraped his taloned heels against the floor of the room, making an unpleasant grating noise.

If this didn't give them the picture, nothing would.

The End

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