What would you do if fate was out to get you?

Corby smiled and blushed, sweeping a lock of her hair behind her ear that fell back limply.

"Hello...Ellorric," Corby stumbled with her words embarrassed, he chuckled. She laughed.

"You mean, Elric?" He grinned and Corby nodded.

"I'm Corby. Corby Dreamer. Oh, and by the way. You can't get out, you've closed that door and there's no turning back." Corby grinned happily, finally, someone her age.

"What?! No!" he turned around and pushed and banged at the door contently, but it wouldn't move. "So, I'm stuck here forever?!" He cried.

"Not necessarily, there is a possibility your author will let you out, but this is basically a vacation...with monsters, shadows, and house appliances trying to kill you I guess..." Elric stared at Corby, eyes wide. They both paused and stared. "It's a coincidence, well a little. How...your car tier popped, your window smashed, a man tried to kill you, a man tried to kill me, I run to the door, you run to the door, your father gets killed, and suddenly we meet. Like fate was out to get us or something..." Corby pondered.

"What?! Just look, I need to find a phone, or something to get me out of here." he asked her.

"There's nothing. Absolutely ziltch. I can supply you with some hot chocolate though? And maybe some marshmallows?" Corby smiled.

"Well...I suppose it's been a while..." He replied, walking forward.

"I know it's been a while Elric...I saw...It's been a very long time. I'm sorry about your bodyguard by the way." Corby sighed.

"Wait, how did you know about that?" he asked.

"I told you, I saw. It's been a long time,  a very very long time. But...nothing's here to stop me now." Until Corby looked up and saw Flamara in a black dress next to a small cub. She smiled happily, even with tears in her eyes, then slowly disappeared, like magic.

The End

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