Ivory And The Cavalry

I heard Ara whisper to me. In my mind's eye, he touched my cheek, then ran somewhere. I sighed. Jahat took my hand. I pulled away gently, and looked around the room. "So beautiful" I whispered in my head. Then, a bang came from the door, and Ivory came bounding in. She came up to me, and purred loudly.

"Stay where you are, Ara and Nathen. I'm fine. They haven't hurt me or anything."  I told them. Jahat looked at Ivory. I wrapped my arms round her, and kissed her neck. Her fur was so warm. I stroked her gently. She seemed to smile. She pressed her nose to my forehead. "I missed you too." I told her. She climbed, and stretched across me. Ara and Nathen walked through the door, and a tiny head popped round the door. I shook my head. Not Jyll. "Jyll!" I shouted. Ivory jumped away, and I ran to Jyll. She wrapped her arms round me. The Shadows whispered among themselves. Jahat stood.

"The Princess has returned to us. Look at her hair and her fingers." He said softly. I started. Not Jyll. I told her to run. She didn't. A Shadow hadn't got the message that she was important, and lunged at her. She pulled away from me, and curled her fingers around the Shadow. It turned to dust under the pressure.

"The cavalry's here." Whispered Ara. I ran, and wrapped my arms round both Nathen and Ara. Nathen was shocked. "I thought you didn't trust me?" He said softly. I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. I got Jyll onto my back, and took Ara and Nathen's hand. I pulled them towards the thrones. They came up, and stared at Jahat. Jahat bowed to them. Ara snarled. Ivory rubbed against Nathen, then sat next to me. I helped Jyll off my back. She took her Beba's hand. I stepped forwards. Jahat took my hand. I looked back at my friends, and puled gently towards them, but Jahat pulled me in towards him,and his lips came about an inch away from mine.

The End

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