Here Come the Cavalry...

When Nathen had translated Ivory's message into words and relayed them to Ara, the narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

Their Queen? They want Flamara to be their Queen? That makes sense, they want to use the thing that hurts them to hurt us. Evidently they don't know about the protection she's left us with.

We could use that to our advantage.

"Right," said Ara, looking at Ivory, "We'll need you to show us to this Crystal Room, I can't track them there. When we get there, I need you to persuade Flamara to leave the room. Then we can all get out of here and back to the others as fast as possible. If the Shadows resist, just snarl and we'll come in to help."

With a nod, Ivory turned at ran off back the way she had come, Ara and Nathen following close behind.

~Hang on Flamara,~ Ara mind-whispered to her as they ran back along the passage ~We're on our way. Just hang on.~

The End

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