Ivory and I

I saw a claw come through the door, and a Shadow open it, and chased Ivory. The Shadow was killed, and Ivory ran. I spoke in her thoughts.

"Ivory. Stop running. I'll ask if I can come and meet you. Stay where you are." I told her. I cleared my throat, and stood. I touched my forehead, and I changed into the form of a nine year old. I turned, and asked, "May I go just for a while? My child-form legs will be quick to get there, and quicker to get back.I swear on my flames that I shall return." The King thought, and nodded his head.

"Thank you, Your Highness." I walked down the steps, and a hand grabbed me. I turned, and it was the Shadow King. "Don't call me Highness, since you are the same rank as me. Call me by my human name, which is Jahat." He told me softly. I nodded. He looked unsure of letting me leave, so I kissed his cheek. He let go of e, like I had softened him. I ran out, and saw Ivory's tail flicking round the corner. She turned and hissed at me, then stopped. I knelt down, and she bounded into my child length arms. I transformed back, and stroked her soft fur, rubbing my face against it.

"What happened, Flame?" her voice rang loud and clear in my head.

"They can't change me, they want me to be their queen, and Jahat, the King, wants me to be the Queen and his wife. He told me that I could finally get the royal treatment I deserved." I whispered. I looked over my shoulder.

"Listen to me, and listen good. I need you to find your master, and tell him all I've told you, especially the bit about Jahat wanting me to be his Queen and wife. He will tell Ara, since he has a voice thanks to Jahat, and tell them to visit me. Thier Phoenix pendants will protect them. And Ivory, once you've told them, come strait back to the Crystal Room. Come strait in, and up to me. You understand?" I told her telepathically. She nodded. I tied a sort of collar round her neck. it was black leather, with red rubies around it, and a phoenix hanging down.

"This will keep you safe. Hiss or breath on the Shadows if they give you any trouble. If you breath on them, my fire will melt them." I whispered to her. I kissed her furry head, and she ran. I ran back to the Crystal Room, and sat back on the throne. "We shall do nothing until I say." I told them all.



The End

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