Shadows don't like pets!

I was very unhappy wall Master was gone, and even my Fire friend, Flamira was gone... what to do?  

5 minites past and a thought came in mind, I'll go look for Flamira but stay out of too much trouble! So as Jyll said, i looked for a cryestal room. It took me a while because i was new to the place, but i finnlly fond it. Then i pushed the door, it was tottlally closed. Hiya! I hit the door with all my might. I didn't do much so i decied to make a peak hole with a claw.

 I looked in and saw Flamira being asked to be queen of shadows... wow, this is important info, I noticed master hadn't come yet so i turned around to go when a shadow saw me and said: Cat! Cat!, and ran after me.

I hissed and the shadow dissiperd, also because The king and Flamira were talking loudly, no one had noticed the shadow i killed.

I then ran away before any more shadows saw and got to the kitchen to tell master and because he was mad i thought said, sorry master! 

The End

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