The Queen of Shadows

I followed the Shadow through many doorways, until we reached the most beautiful room. It was made entirely of crystal. The ceiling was so ornate, so breath-taking. I looked up at it and gasped. The Shadow King turned for a moment, and...smiled. He led me up a staircase that led to a pair of crystal thrones. His hand left mine, and he sat on a throne. What could I do? I decided the best thing to do was to curtsy. I did so, bowing my head. I thought.

Why do they want me? Why did he call me beautiful? Why had they brought me here? Why was I so precious?

I could hear Ara shouting in my head, asking me where I was. I couldn't answer. I didn't dare to. I loved them all too much for them to come after me. I looked up slightly. The King looked down at me in wonder. He stood, and took my hand. I didn't understand why he looked at me so softly, holding me so gently, as if I would break.

"If I cannot change you, I can at least dress you." He sighed, and clicked his fingers. Two females came forward, and twisted around me. They danced away, and I was dressed in a black satin dress with a shawl over my arms. The King sat me onto a throne beside him, and turned to me.

"Join us. We will use your flame to change your friends, then they can serve you, look up to you, do whatever you want to them to. You could get the royal treatment that you always deserved. Join us. Join me. Become our queen." He whispered. I jolted, and looked up at all the other Shadows. They were all  on one knee, looking up, slightly scared.  I was scared now. 

They wanted my flame, and they wanted me to be their...ruler. The Queen of Shadows. It sounded so strange to me. They wanted the only one who could destroy them, and the only one who could use that power, and...the only one that the others needed to keep them safe from turning into Shadows. I had to talk to Ara.

"ARA!!!" I thought screamed.

"Where are you?!"" he asked frantically.

"I'm in the Crystal Room. It's the most beautiful place and thing I've ever seen. But I know why the Shadows want me."


"Because she is to be the Queen of Shadows...and my wife. She will lead the Shadows to victory. You will all join us." said the cold voice of the King.

The End

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