In Hot Pursuit

The moment Nathen had mentioned going after Flamara themselves, Ara had spurred into action. Racing out of the door with Nathen hot on his heels, ignoring the startled looks of their friends and barely registering their presence at all, Ara started casting about for a scent to follow.

Where the heck are they? Surely they can't have gone too far by now.

Snarling in frustration, Ara kept searching for scents in the air the was thick with Shadow-stink. It was impossible to find anything else in the thick mass of foul-smelling rot. Eventually he gave up and smashed his fist into a wall in frustration. Fat load of good he was if he couldn't even track his friends! Nathen gave him a slightly startled look, which Ara utterly ignored. He was too frustrated with himself to be thinking about much at this stage.

~Flamara! Where are you!~

His mentally transmitted pleas went unanswered in the swirling clouds of confusion that clouded the air. He turned to Nathen:

"I can't track them, I can't find the scent. I don't suppose you know how to find them?"

The End

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