If Leigh Couldn't Laugh...

Everything was going crazy according to Leigh. Then again, she thought, that wasn’t hard to do. From somewhere in the hall she heard the radio playing. “…If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane…”

To bad she hadn’t taken that song to heart. She felt as if she had already gone insane. Leigh hopped down from the counter where she’d watched everything happening in fast motion. Why was the door barricaded anyway, when everyone kept leaving through the other one. No not everyone. Still. Leigh stood undecided for a moment.

Sorry there’s still no story for you to go to.

Leigh frowned at the sound of her author’s voice. She set the gun she’d been given on the table. It was useless in her hands and she was surprised she hadn’t shot one of her ‘friends’ yet. Sighing she realized she was in a sour mood. Brought on by PMS or who knows what. Maybe it was just the whole weirdness of the situation.

Quietly she walked out the door, following in Corby’s footsteps. Her eye caught sight of her motorcycle suit lying on the floor in front of the door. How no one had managed to trip on it she didn’t know. Leigh hung it up, along with the rest of her gear. For a moment she looked at it longingly.

I know, I really, do, but with the other two stories I’ve got going I can’t do a decent job for you. Not to mention I haven’t nearly enough motorcycle adventures myself to really write any.

“Can’t you at least try?” Leigh whispered, but at the same time she wasn’t sure she wanted to leave without a companion.

Who would you take?

“I don’t know, Corby, Geoff, Kathryn, but she’s already left, Jyll, Misha, Nathan, I don’t really care.” Leigh sighed in frustration. Maybe she needed her quiet time. Maybe she didn’t mind living alone. But not having a friend, especially after her father’s death, was wearing on her. There was no one to talk to. There was no one who cared. No one she could share her joys and sorrows with and who would in turn share their joys and sorrows.

In a sense she was back where she was so many years ago. Only this time she didn’t have the glasses or the buck teeth or the relentless teasing. Yet despite all that she was still alone. Leigh wound up her fist and punched her hanging suit. She immediately regretted that as even the back protector didn’t protect her knuckles form the hard wall.

“Ouch,” she muttered turning around. A smile tugged at the right side of her mouth as she saw Corby facing a boy who looked about her age. Well maybe Corby could find some happiness. That would be nice, the girl had gone through enough.

The End

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