I ran and grabbed Nathen from behind. I wrapped my arms round his waist tightly. He turned his head slowly. I looked up, and saw he had red eyes. 'The King of Shadows is within him..." I thought. Nathen dropped the gun, then with strong hands, pulled me off, and round to face him. His red eyes softened as he looked at me.

"Flamara...we finally meet." He said. Everyone gasped. I opened my eyes wide. Suddenly, Ara flew back against the wall. He folded his wings in quick enough, but couldn't move away from the wall. Nathen placed his hands on my face. "So much flame, so much...beauty..." He whispered. I stood, mesmerized. 

Did Nathen just called me  beautiful, or was it the thing inside him? I felt my body go strange. My mind wasn't controlling my body. Nathen dropped his hand from me, and the Shadow King came out of him, leaving his blinking confusedly. The King of Shadows reached out his hand to me. I took it, without meaning to, and followed him out of the kitchen. Ara had been let down, and was banging on the door as we left. He screamed my name.

The End

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