Answer Me!

What the hell was that! What is that maniac doing?

When Ara heard the gunshot, and turned to see Nathan pointing a gun at Corby, he strode across the room and placed himself firmly between him and Corby. Something was distinctly wrong here, and he had no intention of letting anyone get hurt. Least of all someone who had nearly died once already.

Eyes blazing, Ara looked Nathan straight in the face and snapped viciously at him:

"What is the matter with you? Are you trying to kill her? Are you possessed or something?"

Something's not right about this. He doesn't seem himself. He smells... changed. Like there's something else in there with him. Someone who wants us all dead...

"Well?" Ara snapped again, face turning white as he began to piece together the puzzle, "Are you going to do anything? Or will you just stand there like a rotten tree trunk? Answer me!"

Yes, answer me, whatever you are...


The End

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