I was sitting in a chair, not doing much, when I first heard the voice.

At first I thought it was the little white tiger talking again, but I wrong.

IT IS I! the voice said, King of the shadows!

Suddenly i stood up, but not purposley.  I began moving forward, against my will.  I starting shaking, fighting against reaching for my gun.

What was going on? I was being forced by something to move.

I picked up my gun, and pointed it straight at corby.

NOO!  This couldn't be.

my finger started to pull the triger.  it took all the will power I had, but I just barely turned my arm, so the bullet barely mist hitting her.

at the sound of the gunshot, everyone looked up.  I wasn't trying to, but my lips made an eveil grin.

The King of the shadows was inside my body.  Don't tell me how I knew, but it was inside my body, with all of the others, and had my ability, not to menchion Flamera fire bullets ...

The End

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