What Can Go Wrong Now?

Ara watched as Kathryn left, his cries dying in his throat the moment she left the room. Something was telling her to leave, he could sense it. Their numbers were dwindling even as they spoke. How many would still be here when this fiasco was over?

With a last despondent call to Kathryn, Ara gave a shriek of despair and slammed an elbow spike hard into the wall. This was a disaster! Nothing they tried was working, and now they were down to their last bullets, so to speak.

Even Flamara appeared to have given up, surrendering herself to the Shadows. And why the heck had she left him with her powers? He had no idea what to do with the damn things! He had no magic of his own and hadn't the foggiest how to get the stuff to work.

He just hoped the others knew how to use the stuff she'd given to them more effectively.

Aarn and Lucy kept shooting glances at him from where they stood, human again, not far from the door. Ara avoided their gaze, not wanting to see the questions that still lurked there.

They'd want to know why he'd not been there when they'd fought. And he had no answer to that aside from his own cowardice.

Great, Kathryn's gone, Flamara's surrendering, Shadows are going to kill us and we have no idea what to do about it.

What's left that can possibly go wrong now?

The End

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