Goodbye My Family, Hello Shadows

I stood, and jumped out of the bubble. I crossed over to Nathen. "Welcome to the family." I whispered in his ear. I stood in the center of the room, and began to sing. My voice became flames, and flew over to everyone. The flames settled, and became pendants of a phoenix. "If you want to create bullets or a force field, just touch your pendant. Because I can't do it for you for a while."

Everyone looked at me curiously. Corby walked over, and touched my hand. In her eyes, I could see her reading my mind, and what I was about to do. She looked up to me. I nodded. She ran and hugged Leigh. Everyone was even more confused.

"I'm leaving. Not leaving the house, but I'm going to distract and find out what the Shadows want with me. You guys get your authors to make us a combined story, then one of you tell me telepathically." I hugged both Lucy and Aarn, and a light filled the room. Everyone shaded their eyes, and when the light had faded, Lucy and Aarn were white, then the white exploded off them, and they were human again. They looked down at themselves, and hugged me tight.

I went to Ara, and said, "Until I return, I'm giving you most of the same powers that I have. Once I return, The power will tell you. You will be able to use fire, make things, use all my knowledge, almost everything in me...apart from the Eternal Flame. That cannot be shared...unless you return it." I stood on my tip-toes, and kissed him. He wrapped his arms round  me, most likely knowing that he couldn't stop me...or could he?

"I know what the Eternal Flame is. And it's inside all of us. You and I are connected by the Eternal Flame. We are all connected my Love." He whispered to me. I pulled away from his, looked around everyone, then placed my hand on the door handle.

The End

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