Bring Out, the Sun?

Leigh had to agree with Misha. Thinking was defiantly better than action at the moment. Especially since every action they’d take had made them worse. Geoff would probably know the most about magic, or Flamara, or even Ara. Then a sudden idea struck her.

“What if it’s all the rain outside?” Everyone gave her the same look they had just given Misha. Leigh shrugged. “It was a thought, okay, but,” she sighed unable to rationalize her thinking. “Or that Mega-Author theory that Kathryn has?”

She hopped up to sit on the table, letting her legs swing. “They could be connected. This is after all a hideout for misfits, and I guess we’re all misfits?”

She continued to swing her legs as she just spouted out what came to mind.

“So the rain, makes everything dreary. Flamara’s flame does make them disappear. They want her for some reason, maybe so they can make the flame. What does flame do, it warms you up. So maybe the shadows are just trying to find a way to warm up. Maybe it’s been raining for so long that they’ve just gotten so cold they can’t warm up. Maybe if we could get the Mega-Author to let the sun come out it would warm them up and they’d go away?”

Leigh looked at her feet. That sure did sound a lot like the Groke from Tove Janson’s Moomintroll books. She mentally shrugged. Wet cold definitely was the worse kind of cold you can get. It got into your bones and was hard to shake off. Certainly a roaring fire was the best way to try and combat it. Even better, was a nice warm sunny day.

The End

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