Author Team-up

I sat, there, playing the Sazzy, the white tiger, and talking to it through my head.

I'd never really thought of myself as a character, or like i had an author.  Where I came from, they looked on it like how most people looked on Fate.  Most people didn't believe in the idea of being ruled.

But here, people talked about it like it was obvious, and could even talk to them.  I tried to remember if i'd ever heard my author before, but I never had.  I wondered if our authors could write us into different storys, but then we'd be apart.

Then it came to me.

What if we asked our authors to team up, to team up and write a story about like, demensions hitting, and all of us in the same story.  This way we'd never be apart ...

I got up to present this idea.

The End

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