Family, Friendship and Love.

Ara started the barricade the door, then Nathen said that he would be the distraction. I put both my hands on his shoulders, and shook my head. "No. I'll go." I kissed Nathen's forehead, and his body shimmered. Everyone was safe...for a while, anyway. The room had two doors. Handy. One that the Shadows didn't know about. Aarn and Lucy came forward. "You can't go! You're the one they want!" They told me, hugging me. I pulled them off me gently. I nodded.

"If I can get them all to follow me, which they will, you'll all be able to get out, and I'll catch up." I told them. Some bowed their head, some shook their heads, and Jyll ran over and threw her arms round me, crying both water and fire. Geoff looked at me, then hugged me. So did Aarn and Lucy, and Corby, and Kathryn, and Leigh even came over. Ara kept barricading the door, with a few tears down his face. I made hundreds of fire bullets come out of my hands, and stacked them into piles.

Jyll didn't let go of me, when all of the others did. "You said we were a family!" she bubble-wrote. Something I didn't expect Ara to do, was come over to me, and hold me close, and said, "Yeah. You were right. We are like a family. And we're going to Keep together, and keep a family."  I held Ara, and I began to cry sparks. I pulled away slightly, and looked round the room. It seemed that everyone had heard what Ara had said, and were either nodding, whispering, helping barricade the door, and Jyll was making her fingers go out long. I made some fire  manikins, and she  destroyed all of them.  She giggled innocently. 

A family....a family wo cares for each other, and who are not willing to let any of the family go to harm. This was a true family. Family. I love that word. The same as Friendship and Love.

Family, Friendship and Love. The Perfect combination od what would get us through all of this.

The End

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