Finding The White One and Lucy

I shuddered, and was pushed and pulled after everyone, trying to get to safety, then I froze. Aarn turned and put his hand out to me. I closed my eyes, and a picture flashed into my head. I gasped. It was Sazzy, or something like that, cowering in a corner with a huge Shadow looming over her, with blood red eyes. I grabbed Aarn's hand. He shared my vision. "We have to save her!" I exclaimed, and we ran back up the stairs and up to the room in where we had stayed. A giant Shadow was in the doorway. I sensed where the white tiger was, and put a little spark in front of it.  She sniffed it, and feeling my scent on it, just sat back in the corner.

The Shadow seemed to know we were there, and turned to us. Aarn gasped. The Shadow swung an arm at me, but I ducked under it, and into the room. The White One saw me, and I kissed her head. A pair of orange eyes looked at me. "Lucy..." I whispered. I darted my hand into the shadows, finding Lucy's hand, and pulling her, the White One and Aarn down the stairs, and to the others. They glanced at Lucy, and let her in. Ara looked at her. Aarn put his arm round Lucy's shoulder. When she was human, she had been Aarn's sister. Ara put his head in his hands. I wrapped my arms round him, kissing his neck and hands.

The End

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