Corby, what's wrong?!

Corby sat on the bottom set of the stairs, many people fighting with the shadows. One grinned evily and slowly came towards her.

"Get one step closer I'll stab you in your neck through your voice box so no-one will hear your screams." Corby threatened, her hand in a tight fist. It backed away, it's hands up then ran back towards everyone else.

Corby was confused and dazed. Nothing was right. Then Nathan came running up the stairs of the basement and she froze, standing up and staring.

"Everyone run!" Ara screamed, and Nathan held up a screwed and messy piece of paper saying the same thing. Corby didn't run. Corby just stood and stared at him. Everyone ran back to the kitchen and Nathan looked back, pushing her towards the kitchen door. She wouldn't budge. He quickly picked her up and ran into the kitchen, barging through the door.

"Get off of me you foul beast!" Corby cried when they were in, wacking him in the stomach and backing away, sitting next to Leigh who was sitting next to Geoff.

"Corby, what's wrong?!" Leigh asked.

"Just get him out of my sight." Corby breathed.

The End

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