Everybody RUNNNNNN!!!!!

After I'd dropped the little on off in the room, i ran right back out, earger to evaporate some shadows.

As soon as i got out, it had seemed everyone had gotten sourounded by the shadows, so i dared not shoot at them, incase i might hit everyone else.

I walked around them, and then realized the source.  the basement.  i walked over toward it, and saw shadows pouring out of it, like they were being sucked up by a vaccum.

I took off one Gernaid, pulled out the pin, and launched it as far as i could into the basement, or shadow lair.


the exploision never maid it out of the basement, but definately stopped the flow of shadows pouring out of the basement. 

I tried to look inside, but there was nothing but smoke and shadow, which almsot blended in perfectly.  then i saw it, the humongus monster it was, coming up from the shadows within The lair.  I turned around and ran, regardless all of us, and all of our weapons.  If i could have, i would have said EVERYBODY RUNNNNNNN!!!!!

The End

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