The 'Mega-Author'

My author told me many things, during the next ten minutes. So much information - I could hardly take it in. But this is what I remember. This is what has stayed in my mind for the last ten years.

The Mega-Author wasn't a physical person. It was almost spiritual, but not. My author's exact words made it clearer:

"It's the conscience and the imagination of every author that is writing these Characters, but they've formed together. It's not one imagination or one conscience. It's what happens when one person's thoughts hit another person's dreams."

So I understood, then, that most of what was happening was purely accidental. As though no one had intended the 'plot' to take this direction.

I guessed that made sense.

"But if those consciences argue - if two authors disagree, or have a fight - then the Hideout will be destroyed from the inside out." That sounded serious. "You've got to stay united or everything will be lost."

"And you can start by deciding which of the Shadows deserve to die."

My author was a bossy so-and-so sometimes, but I reluctantly stopped leaning against the wall and got up. That was all I could remember, until recently, when something a friend said brought back a phrase that had entered my mind at that moment:

That's right - just leave me - even though I know what it is you want to know. It was the Hideout.

I called out to those fighting, trying to make them stop, and understand. I knew that some of them had seen the compassionate side of the Shadows, but there were others whose gentleness had been overlooked.

The End

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