Saving the Little One

After the New Leader, i guess, i didn't know what he was, but had i guess become the new Shadow's leader, had left, a war began.  bullets being fired, shadows attacking, and in the mist of all of this, a small white tiger playfully running around and attacking all of the shadows, roaring like a mighty dragon making them disapear. 

then, she had a lot of them attacking her, she fell over, asleep.  The shadows attacked at her, but before they could, I shot out a few fire bullets, making them all evaporate.

I picked up the litle one, and tried to talk to her through my head, but it didn't work.  I picked her up, and brought her into the room, suddenly running in on Ara, Aarn, and Flamera and sitting in a hiddle next to eatchother, along with Jyll over in the corner.  They looked up at me, and i set the tiger down, but just as i did, it started to grow, like by magic, growing almost a foot taller and more wide.

My jaw dropped.  then it stopped growing and came to, sitting up groggily.

Master?  it asked me, half awake.

The End

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