Wow! Shadow's, darker then usawell!

I find myself battling 12 shadows at a time. All of them dissiper after I meow a secound meaw, except there was one, Which suddenly grew very large, making the whole room black.  Am i dead? no i can still feel my body, but I can't see!

Then I realize I'm sleeping. I wake up and notice that what maid me faint was that it was ... that puple mouse, i think.  my stomach was feeling very funny. but I felt... bigger.  I looked down at myself.  I was huge! atleast half the size of a full-grown.

I looked around and realized i was in a corner, in the basement.  i was in the shadows lair!

Master! I yelled in my mind, but no one aweserd. then i relized that im in a dream, don't ask me how, but it all seemed to unreal.

Slowly i could tell i was waking up.

The End

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