Not Really Dead

We all stood there in a circle, staring at the little white tiger.

Happy Master?  It asked me.

I'm you master?

Yes, It replied.

Then yes, I'm extreamly pleased.

Then something funny happened.  even though the Leader shadow was dead, the other shadows hadn't dissapeared.  they started attacking.  everyone began fighting again, only Ara without an actually gun.

then the other shadow, Aarn, came out, and picked up Flamera, and making a black dome around her.  another shadow came up the stairs, laughing as it did.  What?  it had the same red eyes the leader had had, i din't know what to think at that point.

Aarn rushed Flamer back into the room, and Ara followed, leaving me standing there and confused.  then the little Tiger attacked at it.

A few chapters back there was an accidantl mix up.  to resolve this problem, we've just figured out that the shadows havn't acctually died, they just appointed the second in command to be their new leader.   Although no one has figured this out yet ...

The End

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